To succeed in today's world, among so many aspirants vying for the same opportunity, we all need an extra edge that gets us ahead in our own distinctive way. John Miller is a brand that creates men's fashion for the workplace blending a clever mix of conformity and distinctiveness allowing the wearer to make progress look easy and inevitable.

The brand seeks to redefine societal thinking that believes path to success is linear, sequential and predictable. To achieve exponential success one needs a non-linear and sometimes a 'risky' path. It resonates with people because it's a story of growth with no prescribed milestones. It's about reaching the top sooner, not by running harder but by skillfully playing within the rules. The Good Looking Rascal brings alive the character of a John Miller consumer. He aspires to make his way up in the corporate hierarchy not just through hard work but by being witty and skillfully devious to make his journey to the top seem effortless. John Miller offers a range of everyday corporate wear and accessories for young male executives, that unfailingly makes you look confident and fluent. It includes shirts, trousers, business suits, blazers, accessories and deodorants.